12 Dec 2016




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Post Industrial Urban Splendour

500 IMG_8919-EditThe floods of boxing day 2015 caused significant damage to the bridge at Copley

500 IMG_8960-EditThe remains of an old weir now provide much structure and well paced runs.  Jonathan is seen here fishing with a french nymph leader and indicator.

500 IMG_8968

500 IMG-20161018-WA000

500 IMG_8995

500 IMG_9002Rubble still falling from the damaged bridge.



16 Dec 2016, 4:15pm
by Bill Edmondson


I’ve been fishing down at Copley recently. They are now starting work on repairing the bridge. The floods and the collapsed bridge don’t appear to have changed the river too much in that area and the fish are still there. Thank goodness :)


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